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Healing the Wounded Healer
Speaker-Lynne Boutross



On Spirituality & The Ego

Spirituality is living what we already know. It is creating the life we are meant to live and honoring what we came here to do. It is staying present to what is happening right now in this very moment. It is allowing the uniqueness that is you to emerge. It is the place where the shoulds, can’ts, and beating ourselves up for something we did or did not do gives way to inquiry. It is the place where the struggle falls away and our power returns. It is connecting with the source inside of us that already knows the answers to the questions of who we are and what we came here to do. Part of our journey is in accepting our own unique individuality and having the courage to live that truth. Courage does not mean we have no fear. It means acting in spite of it. Our thoughts and actions either support our living authentically or support our fear and ego.

The Ego
The ego is not an ally of spirituality. The ego is a diversion that keeps us confused, stressed and distracted from our happiness and purpose. It can show up in many disguises. The most popular is mind chatter. Mind chatter is a negative expert that is constantly diverting our attention from the moment and from our power. The goal of the ego is to keep us vested in believing that the mind chatter actually means something while it distracts us from living our truth. If we listen to and believe the mind chatter, we may be investing our time and energy on trying to solve problems that the ego has created as a distraction from our unfolding journey to richness.

A Friend of the Ego: Perfection
If we are living our authentic lives, we are not focused on perfection, judging, approval or validation. Many of us strive to be perfect, expecting love in return. Perfection takes us out of our real selves and puts us into an ego state. We can never achieve perfection as there will always be more to make perfect. There is no place in soulful living for ‘trying’ to be perfect. ‘Trying’ is a repetitive circular energy that goes nowhere burning up our life force. There is no end to ‘trying’. If our energy is focused on ‘trying’ to be perfect rather than living, we miss the moment, the moments, the days, the years. It is our choice to either ‘try’ to be perfect or to be real.

A Friend of the Ego: Judgment
Judgment is one of the ego’s tools that creates distance. We tend to judge others when we do not understand their thoughts, feelings or life experiences. We can also judge others when we have an agenda for them that we have created from the ‘want-to-be-ruler-of-the universe’ that resides inside our heads. We may judge others when they do not fulfill our expectations. We may unconsciously believe that it is somehow their duty to fulfill our unmet needs or make us feel better about ourselves. We can choose to allow others to be who they are, or we can judge who they are not in relation to meeting our needs. If we are in judgment of another, we are missing the moment of what we might learn from this person, interaction or situation. Where there is judgment, there is difficulty connecting with one another. Judgment separates us while compassion and understanding bring us closer.

A Friend of the Ego: Approval and Validation
Approval and validation are also friends of the ego. If we are other-seeking in order to believe that we are loveable, worthy, deserving, smart enough, thin enough, a good person, and so on, our focus will be on ‘trying’ to get it from others. Seeking approval and validation is another energy loop that drains us of our resources, keeping us in an ego state. When we make other people’s opinions of ourselves more important than our own, we give them our power. One of the solutions to this never ending cycle is in learning how to love ourselves so that seeking the approval or validation of others is not necessary.

Ping Pong vs Clarity
While perfection, judgment, validation and approval-seeking are just a few ways the ego can distract us from our real self, there are many others. While our egos are playing ping pong inside our heads in mind chatter, our bodies take the hit in tension, stress, worry and anxiety. Our bodies are a great barometer that signal us as to whether we are living in a state of grace or in an ego state. If we are having a hard time making a decision, we may be listening to our mind chatter rather than our gut or heart. When we listen to our gut or our heart, the mind chatter falls away, our bodies relax, and we know what to do with ease and grace.

Living Authentically
We get to choose if we are here to ‘try’ and meet standards that we have created inside our heads based on society, religion or experience, or to live the lives we were born to live. If we look at people that have made great contributions throughout history, we see that they are pioneers in bringing something different into consciousness. They bring new awareness to us as they step out of their own box, making a contribution to humanity. We see trailblazers and risk takers that did not always fit in. It is ok to be who we came here to be. By being our real selves, we give others permission to do the same.

Finding the centering Stillpoint inside you can bring answers, clarity and resolution to your questions. We can use our breath to quiet our busy minds, slow it down and create some room inside of us so we can be available to receive answers from inside of our center. It is in the silence within our center where the answers lie to living our best life in harmony with truth.

Spiritual Living
Spiritual living is about inquiry and understanding from a deeper perspective. It is about what is going on in each moment rather than seeing an experience through an old filter. It is about being mindful of our feelings within ourselves, of gratitude, compassion and allowing, even when we do not want to. It is about letting go of the ego’s power struggle, giving way to surrender. It is understanding experiences as opportunities to learn spiritual lessons. It is about blessing the messenger for bringing the challenge so we can grow. It is Source in action. It is grace dancing. It is about taking right action in alignment with our soul.


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