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Healing the Wounded Healer
Speaker-Lynne Boutross



Personal Transformation

Each of us grows into who we truly are in our own time and in our own way. At some point we make the decision not to let old beliefs and shoulds define who we really are and how we should feel.

We are all searching for the feelings of safety, understanding and acceptance. Much of our time is spent, consciously or unconsciously, attempting to create the feeling of home that we have not had. We choose lifestyles, relationships and careers that we think will fill the void.

When something inside of us becomes aware that we are not happy or something is missing or not quite right, we begin to take notice of how we are feeling physically and emotionally. We begin to notice how much time we are spending reacting to others and situations rather than using our time and energy to create the life we want. This awareness is a giant step to awakening.

Lynne BoutrossFrom this new awareness of ourselves, it is important to understand that we cannot heal by reading books or by talking about it. Healing is an experience of the heart and soul. We cannot heal a broken heart with our minds. We cannot think anger, hurt, fear or grief away. Healing happens when we allow ourselves to feel those feelings inside that we have been afraid of, avoided or buried.

Some of the ways we avoid these feelings is by putting our attention and energy into relationships that do not contribute to our growth and fulfillment; by zoning out in front of the television; by numbing out physically and emotionally with food, alcohol, drugs and sex; by trying to control others and the universe from the inside of our heads; by being the passive observer of our own lives; by cramming our days with tasks; by being perfectionists, caretakers or workaholics; by creating chaos or drama; by procrastinating; by being terminally right or codependent; by blaming, being judgmental or angry and by living our victim stories.

These are merely excuses for the mediocrity that support our inauthentic selves. When we stop these behaviors and allow ourselves to feel what we have been running away from, we can begin to live as our authentic selves - - - from our truth and our power. As long as we are filling our time and spending our precious energy on these behaviors, we will never know who we really are or what we came here to do. We will not be truly happy or feel fulfilled.

Living from our higher selves cannot be accomplished without relentless perseverance. It is wise to find a teacher who truly understands you and is willing to be honest with you. Someone who can hear and see beyond the words and the story, capture the strength of a heartbreak, uncover the depth of your heart's joy and the brilliance of your soul's light. Someone who understands how the pursuit of your soul's longing for its truth and freedom continues to drive you.
I have seen awakenings, transformation and life-changing shifts. This work is about finding your way to your truth. It is about choosing the majesty of your soul's journey.

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